Looking for an application form?

This site looks like it has a lot of applications forms that can be downloaded.  You could try handing them into the local employer - but beware, they may ask for an online application.

The Daily Jobseeker

A link to the daily jobseeker for help and advice

Keep at it, don't give in.

Interview day is approaching, don't let those little things put you off, keep going!

Newcastle Futures top 7 Interview Tips

7 Tips we give our Customers.

Some extra Tips to help you build that CV that will help you get the job you want.

Cold emailing your dream employer

Cold emailing is a communication strategy in which you voluntarily reach out to someone via email, with the assumption that you have something to offer that recipient.


Read more on this blog, giving 4 steps on how to email prospective employers.

Example CV Template

this is a general template with some hints on completing a CV and the types of information it should hold.  

August 2013

Interview tips from Employers

Speaking to Employers, this is what they had to say.

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