Health & Wellbeing


Welcome to our Wellbeing Page...... Here at Newcastle Futures we believe in living the best life we can and that means ensuring that we take the wellbeing of our clients and ourselves seriously.

As a company we work with the Department of Health and their North East Better Health at Work Award Programme, which encourages us as an employer to offer support to our Team, in lots of different ways that are important to keeping mentally and physically well. This in turn has meant we have seen a decrease in sickness absence and a increase in employee engagement and we would highly recommend other companies that they check out the programme for themselves for more information go to


Over the year we have brought to the Teams attention ways in which to improve their quality of life, from raising awareness on health issues to the encouraging the commitment to local and national charities.


Perhaps you would like to see some of the topics we have covered and make your family, team, company or your own life better...... Simply click on the links below and join us in making everyday count!



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